‘dr. Yellow’ Lucky Shinkansen Shows Its Belly For 1st Time

‘Dr. Yellow’ lucky Shinkansen shows its belly for 1st timeRailroad buffs and children were delighted at the rare opportunity to see an inspection Shinkansen, popularly called “Dr. Yellow,” lifted above their heads for periodic servicing on July 25.
In the sweltering summer heat, a large number of families with children cheered as the 25-meter lead coach was hoisted above their heads.

“It is the first time I saw the train, and it is actually neater and cooler than I expected,” said Yuki Yokobori, a 9-year-old spectator from Tokyo.

It marked the first time that Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai), the operator of the Tokaido Shinkansen Line, allowed train fans to observe the lifting of the Dr. Yellow bullet train for inspection at its factory in Hamamatsu.

The bogies and other interchangeable parts of the inspection train are replaced every 1.2 million kilometers. The train was also repainted a bright yellow before it was unveiled for the public opening event on July 25.

The inspection vehicle is popular among train enthusiasts as a sighting of the train is said to bring good luck since it is so rarely glimpsed.