Osaka Firm Develops Glow - In - The - Dark Cloth For Office Furniture

Osaka firm develops glow-in-the-dark cloth for office furnitureAn Osaka fabric maker has developed a glow-in-the-dark cloth for office furniture that could prove useful during power blackouts caused by disasters.

Suntone Co. in Chuo Ward came up with the idea after the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

After about 30 minutes of absorbing sunlight and light from fluorescent lamps, the cloth emits a glowing bluish-white light in darkness for about eight hours.

Suntone developed the cloth by spraying liquid solutions of light-storing chemical substances onto plastic materials. It then processed the materials to withstand friction created by people sitting on them.

In cooperation with a furniture maker, Suntone plans to market “light-storing office furniture” in November.

“We hope people will use the furniture to evacuate safely when they do not have emergency power sources or those power sources do not function during times of disaster,” said Yoshikazu Tone, Suntone president.