Performers Forgo High Fives With Fans Out Of Fear Of Coronavirus

Performers forgo high fives with fans out of fear of coronavirus

High fives and handshakes with fans are taboo amid the spread of the new coronovirus, as entertainers are being forced to take precautions against infection.

The all-female Takarazuka Revue Co. theater troupe announced on Feb. 7 that its performers will refrain from high fives and handshakes with fans when they descend from the stage and walk along a passage through the audience during shows, regardless of the venue.

On Feb. 1, two male groups from Johnny & Associates--the SixTONES, which released its first CD in January, and the Snow Man--announced the postponement of events featuring high fives with fans that were initially planned for February and March.

The popular AKB48 all-girl idol group has also postponed events to shake hands with fans.