Pink Bush Cricket Stands Out In Greenery Of Shizuoka Park

Pink bush cricket stands out in greenery of Shizuoka park

IWATA, Shizuoka Prefecture--An extremely rare and new addition to an insect observation park here clearly didn't have camouflage in mind when it was found hiding in green foliage.

The critter that is causing such a stir is a pink bush cricket, also known as long-horned grasshopper.

"It’s such a delight to have creatures as brightly colored as this join us in the park," said Shizuma Yanagisawa, who works in the breeding program at the Ryuyo Konchu insect observation park, which recently celebrated having a yellow mantis.

The adult pink bush cricket is around 4 centimeters long and was brought to the park about a month ago.

"A pink bush cricket is extremely rare," said Yanagisawa, 22, noting that grasshoppers are generally green or brown.

Although the popular yellow mantis died in mid-November, it left eggs that Yanagisawa can hardly wait to see hatch.