Rainbow Candles Bring A Spectrum Of Colors To The Festive Season

Rainbow candles bring a spectrum of colors to the festive seasonIrish legend has it that there is a pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow--and the myth may yet prove true in the case of Hiroo Matsudaira.
The president of a small ironworks here, Matsudaira, 81, struck gold after he developed the Rainbow Candle, which burns in the colors of the spectrum.

The taper’s sales tripled after a tourist mentioned the product on Twitter, generating considerable attention on the Internet.

Matsudaira holds demonstrations to promote his product at a souvenir shop, Tatsumian, in the Teramachi district of Kanazawa on weekends.

Seeing Rainbow Candles emitting small, magical-looking flames during a demonstration, shoppers praised their beauty with plaudits such as “Beautiful” and “They are really burning in rainbow colors.”

The candle is based on a phenomenon known as the flame reaction, in which copper, lithium and other metals display hues unique to each of them when they burn.

Matsudaira said he discovered that candles can glow in rainbow colors about 10 years ago, when he burned various discarded solid fuels during the development of a single-color candle.

Five types of Rainbow Candles ranging in burning time from four minutes to 60 minutes are available at the souvenir shop.

For further information visit the official website (http://rainbowcandle-en.jimdo.com/).