'sailor Moon Crystal' To Stream Online In July; Brazil To Get First Comics

'Sailor Moon Crystal' to stream online in July; Brazil to get first comicsThe new “Sailor Moon” series will be simulcast worldwide in July under the title “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal.”
Celebrating the 22nd anniversary of the globally popular anime, the series will be streamed on video-sharing website Niconico Douga operated by Dwango Co.

The animated series originally went on air in 1992 in Japan before winning the hearts of fans across the world.

The key visual of “Sailor Moon Crystal” posted on the official website shows the guardian of justice raising the mysterious Silver Crystal, with the moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus seen in the background.

According to the synopsis, the crystal has the power to purify the world and plays the crucial role in the story.

It is unknown whether the series will air on TV.

The Portuguese edition of the original manga series by Naoko Takeuchi was released in Brazil for the first time on March 29 from local manga publisher JB Communication do Brasil Ltda.

“Sailor Moon” has fascinated Brazilian fans since TV Manchete aired the animated series in the country.

The Portuguese editions of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” and its prequel, “Codename: Sailor V,” were created by the publisher under Takeuchi’s supervision. The comics are based on new prints published in Japan in 2003, with the translated versions also released in the United States, Mexico, Italy and elsewhere.