Sapporo Breweries Lets Beer Drinkers Customize Labels, Bottles

Sapporo Breweries lets beer drinkers customize labels, bottlesEvery ardent beer drinker has their own particular favorite.

Now, Sapporo Breweries Ltd. is allowing customers to add a distinctive personal touch to their beverage of choice.

The Tokyo-based brewing company introduced an online service on Oct. 17 that enables customers to order beer with customized bottles and labels.

Called "Waku Waku Brewery," beer drinkers can choose from 120 basic label designs or include their own personal photos or messages on the labels.

Bottles can be selected in brown, blue or green, and customers can choose to have them filled with Premium Pilsner, Premium Dunkel or Premium Weizen.

The customized beer sells in a set of six 333-milliliter bottles for 3,150 yen ($40), including tax and shipping fee.

via AJW