Schoolboy Invents Card Game That Makes Chemistry Fun

Schoolboy invents card game that makes chemistry funAn elementary schoolboy has hit upon a winning formula for a best-selling card game, and it's even sure to help him and other players earn better grades.

Yuito Yoneyama, 12, a sixth-grader in Kanagawa Prefecture, invented the popular card game Chemistry Quest, which is also educational.

Although anything involving chemistry doesn't sound fun, more than 10,000 games have already been sold.

Yuito set up his game company, Chemistry Quest Inc., at his home in July last year and assumed the post of president. His firm is now planning to market the card game for smartphones.

Chemistry Quest sells for 1,500 yen ($19.20), and consists of 48 cards per set, each of which shows one of the four element symbols--H (hydrogen), C (carbon), O (oxygen) and N (nitrogen).

Players combine them into chemical bonds. For example, if a player collects two H cards and one O card, he can show H2O, which represents water. If the player obtains three H cards and one N card, he can show NH3, which means ammonia.

To make those bonds, players compete to collect the cards they need. The player who winds up with the most cards that represent chemical bonds correctly is the winner.

The card game was put on sale in October by Gentosha Education Inc. About 16,000 sets have already been printed.

via AJW