73 - Year - Old Filmmaker Kimura To Talk About Life Behind The Camera

73-year-old filmmaker Kimura to talk about life behind the cameraCritically acclaimed director and cinematographer Daisaku Kimura, 73, will give a talk on Jan. 26 at the Komae city central community center in western Tokyo.

A Komae resident, Kimura worked under legendary director Akira Kurosawa as cinematographer and assistant cinematographer and on many other classic films, such as "Hakkodasan." He will share the story of the hardships he has had to endure and talk about his philosophy on life.

The title of the talk and Kimura's personal philosophy is: "There will be no road unless someone goes first." Kimura said he came across this quote from Chinese writer Lu Xun when he was young.

It is also the theme of his directorial debut, "Mt. Tsurugidake," which won the best director, best cinematography and other honors at the 2010 Japan Academy Prize awards.

"Mt. Tsurugidake" follows an expert in geographical measurement and cartography and his men during the Meiji Era (1868-1912). Kimura, the cast and production staff spent 200 days shooting scenes while they lived in a mountain lodge located about 3,000 meters above sea level.

After graduating from senior high school, Kimura joined film studio Toho Co. at age 18. He worked as an assistant cinematographer for Kurosawa before winning attention for his work as cinematographer in "Hakkodasan." Kimura went on to work on "House on Fire," directed by Kinji Fukasaku, "Poppoya: Railroad Man," starring Ken Takakura, and many other titles.

"There is life only after futility," Kimura says, which he takes to mean that life is all about continuing to make vain efforts.

The cinematographer had planned to make "Mt. Tsurugidake" his first and only turn as a director. But he decided to helm another film because, he said, "I can't step away from the world of cinema."

Kimura is set to begin shooting his new nature-themed film, "Haru wo Seotte" (Carrying spring on my back), in April. The story will be about a journey to find a place of one's own.

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