9nine To Sing Opening Theme For Drama 'legal High'

9nine to sing opening theme for drama 'Legal High'It's been revealed that 9nine will be singing the opening theme song for the 'Legal High' drama sequel (Fuji TV, premieres in October).

'Legal High' is a popular drama that first aired back in 2012 starring Sakai Masato and Aragaki Yui as lawyers. The opening theme (currently untitled) will be released as 9nine's new single on November 20th.

Kawashima Umika commented, "I am honored to sing the opening theme for a drama that is loved by many people. I will do my best to liven up the drama!" Nishiwaki Sayaka added, "I'm very very happy and honored! This year marks 9nine's 9th year. We will sing with all our might to be of any help to 'Legal High'!"