Tokyo Girls 2010

Tokyo Girls Collection 2010On Saturday, September 4th, the 11th Tokyo Girls Collection swept into the Saitama Super Arena.
Tokyo Girls Collection is a fashion event held semi-annually in the Tokyo area. Many of the hottest Japanese brands (along with a few international brands) show their collections alongside musical performances, charity auctions, and other fashion-related fun.

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Cute Peasant Blouse

Cute Japanese girlThis cute Japanese girl with layered auburn hair loves to shop at the resale stores.

She has created a look based on the U.S. Southwest that includes an embroidered white peasant blouse and long denim skirt embellished with bright ribbon and fabric.

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Swimmer Sailor Tops

Swimmer Sailor TopsThese two students have created cute looks with black sailor-style outfits from Swimmer.
The girl on the left is Tamoe. Her accessories (some from 6 DokiDoki) include a variety of small pins and a pocket watch on a leather thong. She bought her black backpack at a Takeshita Dori shop.

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Fukatsu Best Actress

Fukatsu in AkuninEri Fukatsu has won the best actress award at the 2010 Montreal World Film Festival in Canada for her performance in "Akunin" ("Villain"), directed by Lee Sang Il, according to distributor Toho Co.
At the award ceremony Monday on the closing day of the 34th edition of the festival, Fukatsu expressed her thanks in French and said, "I think this is an award given to the (film's) entire staff. I am very happy," Toho said.
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Roberts Makes It To Japan

Julia Roberts in JapanDoes Julia Roberts hate Japan? The local media were obsessed with this question prior to the Hollywood star's first-ever trip here last month to promote her new film, "Eat Pray Love," based on Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir about her journeys to Italy, India and Indonesia.

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Resident Evil Afterlife

Resident Evil AfterlifeSony Pictures released their brand new movie Resident Evil: Afterlife .
In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice (Jovovich), continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety.
Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend.
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Ken Watanabe

Ken WatanabeKen Watanabe was born on October 21, 1959 in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

In 1978, he moved to Tokyo to pursue his career as an actor. He drew attention of the critics when Yukio Ninagawa, a famous Japanese director, chose him for the lead role in one of his plays even though he was still an acting student.

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Shiho Ochi, Aka Superfly

Shiho Ochi, aka SuperflyReleased this week, her 10th single, "Wildflower," comes backed with a 15-track covers CD, compiling her versions of time-honored soul and rock 'n' roll songs that were included as B-sides on previous singles (usually as the third track) or recorded live. Because of the inclusion of this second disc, the single will be counted by Japanese chart compiler Oricon as an album, and is almost guaranteed to follow her self-titled 2008 debut and 2009's "Box Emotions" to the No. 1 spot.
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Chinza Dopeness

Chinza DopenessAs tens of thousands gathered at Chiba Marine Stadium to experience Summer Sonic headliner Stevie Wonder, Shunsuke Yano was preparing for his own show on the much smaller River Side Garden stage nearby.

On stage the Japanese rapper joked about the legend next door: "Why the heck did you choose to come here when Stevie's over there? We have to show our guest some hospitality!"

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Takeo / Ureshino Hot Springs

Takeo Ureishino Hot SpringsHot spring waters gush from crevices in the sandstone. An area famous for green tea and soothing hot springs that help to make your skin smooth and subtle.
Both Takeo and Ureshino cities are located in the western part of Saga Prefecture, near the border between Saga and Nagasaki prefectures.
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Okinawa Paradise

OkinawaCrystal blue seas, white sand beaches and colorful marine life. Shuri Castle, home of the King of Ryukyu.

Okinawa Prefecture is made up of the Ryukyu Islands, which at their southern extremity begin at Nansei Island, and lie between Kyushu, the most southwesterly of Japan's four main islands, and Taiwan. Okinawa consists of 160 islands of various size scattered across a vast area of ocean.
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Kanagawa Region

KanagawaNear-futuristic urban complex full of vitality, located next to Tokyo. Topographic variety with exquisite mountains, rivers and seas.

Just south of Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture is situated in the southwest of the Kanto Plains and fronts on Tokyo Bay and Sagami Bay at the south. In addition to its celebrated standing as an animated district that has led the economy of Japan, Kanagawa boasts
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Shimane Region

ShimaneShimane used to be Japan's leading cultural center. Full of must-see spots including national parks and cultural monuments.
Shimane is situated on the western tip of Honshu Island (the main island of Japan), and faces the Korean Peninsula over the Sea of Japan. Trade with the continent and China thrived in olden times, and this region was once the leading edge of culture.
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