Aaa's Nishijima Takahiro To Star In Nhk's Drama For The First Time

AAA's Nishijima Takahiro to star in NHK's drama for the first timeAAA's main vocalist Nishijima Takahiro will be starring in NHK's new drama 'Taiyou no Wana' which premieres on November 30th. This will be his first lead role in a NHK drama.

An original story by Oshima Satomi, "Taiyou no Wana" is a love suspense drama set at a home appliance company in Nagoya. One day, major home appliance maker Meio Electrics receives a warning letter from Zestar Research Company in America. They accuse Meio of patent infringement with solar panels, and demand a large compensation and licensing fees. Nishijima plays Hasegawa of the Intellectual Property Department, who is suspected of being a corporate spy. This unexpected occurrence happens when he has just started his married life with wife Aoi (played by Ito Ayumi).

The drama will also star Misaki Ayame, Patrick Harlan, Nakahara Takeo, Ishida Hikari, and Yoshida Eisaku.