Aaa's Nishijima Takahiro & Uno Misako Sing 'beauty And The Beast'

AAA's Nishijima Takahiro & Uno Misako sing 'Beauty and the Beast'

A video of AAA members Nishijima Takahiro and Uno Misako singing "Beauty and the Beast" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

As you may know, "Beauty and the Beast" is the theme song for the latest Disney film starring Emma Watson. On April 19, Uno posted a photo of herself and Nishijima on her Instagram and reported that they attended the preview of the film. "Stories of dreams will make your heart flutter even when you become an adult. Nissy was crying beside me... All of the songs were wonderful, but the theme song duet of #beautyandthebeast was the best," she said. 

Source: natalie