Abe Hiroshi Visits Waseda University To Promote His Upcoming Movie

Abe Hiroshi visits Waseda University to promote his upcoming movieAbe Hiroshi appeared at the Okuma Memorial Hall of Waseda University for an event with about 600 students, for his upcoming movie ‘Tsuya no Yoru Aru Ai ni Kakawatta, Onna-tachi no Monogatari‘.

This movie is based on Naoki Prize winning novelist Inoue Areno’s novel of the same name, and is directed by Yukisada Isao. The protagonist “Matsuo” (Abe) has been struggling with his wife’s (“Tsuya”) infidelity. One day, Tsuya is attacked with a disease, and becomes unconscious. Matsuo thinks that it is unbearable to lose her, and it leads him to contact the men who Tsuya had relationships with in the past. However, Matsuo’s decision to inform these men of Tsuya’s dire condition also effects the women around those men.

‘Tsuya no Yoru: Aru Ai ni Kakawatta Onna-tachi no Monogatari’ is scheduled for release on January 26th, 2013.