Actor Kanai Yuta Announces The Birth Of His Second Child

Actor Kanai Yuta announces the birth of his second child

On June 10, actor Kanai Yuta (33) updated his blog announcing the birth of his second child. 

Kanai made his acting debut in 'Zukkoke Sannin Gumi ~Kaitou x Monogatari~' back in 1998 and won Rookie of the Year in 'The 24th Japan Academy Awards' with 'Juugosai Gakkou IV'. Besides this, he's starred in 'Kokuhaku' (2009), 'Kimi ni Todoke' (2010), and the NHK Taiga drama, 'Gou' (2011), and more. 

Kanai married a non-celebrity man towards the end of 2012. In June of the following year, he announced the birth of his first son.