Actor Mikuni Rentaro Passes Away At The Age Of 90

Actor Mikuni Rentaro passes away at the age of 90Famed Japanese actor Mikuni Rentaro passed away (heart failure) at a hospital in the morning of April 14th. He was 90 years old.

Mikuni has appeared in over 150 films and won three Japanese Academy Awards for Best Actor in his career. His last film was last year’s ‘Waga Haha no Ki‘ directed by Harada Masato.

Actor Sato Koichi, Mikuni’s oldest son, took some time after the press conference of his upcoming drama on the 15th to answer a few questions related to his father’s death.

Mikuni had been hospitalized for almost a whole year before his death. “He was 90 years old, so I already resigned myself to receive this notification at some time or another. I was told that he passed away without suffering much,” said Sato Koichi.

“My father once told me that he doesn’t want his death to be announced at all. He wants a secret burial, doesn’t need a kaimyo (posthumous Buddhist name) and would like for his bones to be scattered. He just wanted to be the actor Mikuni until the end, since he dedicated his whole life being him.”