Actor Tsumabuki Satoshi To Play Older Nobita In Upcoming 3d Doraemon Movie

Actor Tsumabuki Satoshi to play older Nobita in upcoming 3D Doraemon movieIt's been announced that actor Tsumabuki Satoshi will play an older Nobita in the first ever 3D CG anime movie "Stand By Me Doraemon", which will open nationwide on August 8.

Based on a famous part of the original series, the movie describes how Doraemon and Nobita met and parted and how Nobita then struggled hard to fight for his beloved Shizuka-chan. The movie will be directed by the duo Yamazaki Takashi ("Always Sanchoume no Yuhi", "Eien no 0") and Yagi Ryuuichi, who first worked together in "friends Mononokejima no Naki".

In the movie, familiar gadgets such as "Bamboo-copter" and "Anywhere Door" will also be made 3D for the first time.