Actress Nishihara Aki Gives Birth To Her First Child

Actress Nishihara Aki gives birth to her first childActress Nishihara Aki (26) has given birth to her first child. According to her official blog, Nishihara gave birth to a baby girl on August 15 at 11:11 am. She revealed, "I was able to safely give birth to a 2885 gram (6 lbs 6 oz), healthy baby girl," and expressed her joy, "I wanted to meet her for a long time. The baby that I used to talk to while inside my stomach is now in my arms. That is such a happy thing. Right now I'm filled with happiness that I've never felt before."

She continued, "Although she's small, she has the will to live like no other. We feel that strength as we hold her every day. Thank you for letting me become a mother. We will protect our precious treasure."