Aimyon Stars In A Tv Cm For The First Time

Aimyon stars in a TV CM for the first time

Tabe Mikako and Aimyon star in the latest TV CMs for Kirin Beer's 'Tanrei Green Label.' 

This is Aimyon's first time starring in a TV CM. In the 'New Green' version, Tabe enjoys 'Tanrei Green Label,' while Aimyon plays the guitar in the meadow. Meanwhile, the 'GREEN JUKEBOX' version is the eighth in its series, and you can see Aimyon playing the guitar and singing "Haru no Hi." Artists such as Fukase (SEKAI NO OWARI), Noda Yojiro (RADWIMPS), and Shimizu Iyori (back number) have starred in this CM in the past. 

Take a look at them below!