Ajinomoto To Move Production Of Its Signature Msg Product Overseas

Ajinomoto to move production of its signature MSG product overseasAjinomoto Co. is to stop production of its signature Aji-no-moto "umami" seasoning after a century of operation in Japan.
Citing a sharp rise in the cost of ingredients and the need to reduce personnel and fuel costs, the company will shift a key production process to plants in Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil and elsewhere by the end of 2015.

The monosodium glutamate used in its seasoning is purified at its Kawasaki plant, which began operation in 1914.

MSG is made by fermenting molasses extracted from sugar cane, corn and other agricultural products.

The Kawasaki plant will be responsible only for the coating and bottling processes.

The food producer sells 600,000 tons of Aji-no-moto a year, most of which is sold overseas.