Akb48's Upcoming Single To Have A 'halloween' Theme

AKB48's upcoming single to have a 'Halloween' themeAKB48 appeared on NTV's special live music program "THE MUSIC DAY Ongaku wa Taiyou da.", and performed their upcoming song for the very first time.
The new song is entitled "Halloween Night", and HKT48's Sashihara Rino who won the recent general election, serves as the center.

It is a disco style song, and as the title says, the members do cosplay, dressing like a bat, cat, vampire, or princess, etc.

Just like "Koisuru Fortune Cookie" (released in August 2013) the song which was Sashihara first time as center, Papaya Suzuki was in charge of the choreography for this new song as well.

AKB48's 41st single "Halloween Night" will be released with Type A, B, C, and D on August 26.