Akb48's Nakamata Shiori To Graduate From The Group

AKB48's Nakamata Shiori to graduate from the groupAKB48 Team A's Nakamata Shiori has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

This was announced by Nakamata herself during a stage performance on September 9th. She explained, "I entered the group about 3 and a half years ago.

After experiencing various jobs such as performances, handshake events, radio, and television, I found what I really want to do, my dream. I am thinking about graduating AKB48 in order to prepare myself and make that dream come true."

Nakamata entered AKB48 as a 10th generation kenkyuusei in 2010. She was promoted as an official member in 2011 and have been a part of Team A since November of last year.