Akb48's Okada Nana Received Surgery For Vocal Cord Nodules

AKB48's Okada Nana received surgery for vocal cord nodules

It's been reported that Okada Nana (AKB48 Team 4, STU48 captain) has undergone surgery for vocal cord nodules. 

Okada's throat had been bothering her for sometime, and after further examination at the hospital, she was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules. The surgery took place the other day, and she is currently receiving treatment for her follow-up examination. Okada did not want to worry her fans, so she decided to make the announcement after the surgery was done. 

She plans to gradually resume her activities while going to rehab. "For a few days, I wasn't able to use my voice, and for the time being, I'm unable to do anything where I have to use my voice... but I'm doing well! Please don't worry about me! I will get better to show everyone my energy and voice," she commented.