An American Actress Chosen As The Heroine For Nhk's Upcoming Morning Drama

An American actress chosen as the heroine for NHK's upcoming morning dramaNHK announced that they have appointed American actress Charlotte Kate Fox as the heroine for their upcoming morning drama "Massan".

She is the very first non-Japanese female lead in the history of their morning drama's, and it was also announced that the male lead will be played by actor Tamayama Tetsuji.

"Massan" is modeled after the founder of Nikka Whiskey, Taketsuru Masataka who is known as the "father of Japanese whiskey", and his wife Rita.

In the drama, Tamayama plays as "Kameyama Masaharu" who devotes himself to distilling whiskey during the Taisho era, while Fox plays as his Scottish wife "Ellie."

NHK morning drama "Massan" will begin airing on September 29.