Anime News: 'fireworks' Anime Bus Moves Fans In Asahi, Chiba Prefecture

ANIME NEWS: 'Fireworks' anime bus moves fans in Asahi, Chiba PrefectureA bus adorned with characters from “Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?” will run in Asahi, Chiba Prefecture, until Feb. 17.

The anime movie, released on Aug. 18, is based on a 1993 live-action TV film of the same name by Shunji Iwai. The director made a name for himself with the teenage love story and has continued to produce critically-acclaimed films, including “Swallowtail” and “All About Lily Chou-Chou.”

Local bus company Chibakotsu Co. made a deal to collaborate with the anime film since the original TV show was shot in Asahi.

The bus mainly runs along the Asahi route connecting Hamamatsucho in Tokyo and Choshi in Chiba Prefecture.

A stamp-print collecting game is also offered in Asahi. Participants can explore local spots associated with the film as they collect anime-themed stamp prints at the Iioka Gyobu-misaki Observatory and the Kirari Asahi roadside station.

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