Anime News: Second Season Of '7seeds' Anime Series Set For Release In 2020

ANIME NEWS: Second season of '7SEEDS' anime series set for release in 2020

The second season of "7SEEDS," an animated series about saving humanity after Earth is hit by a catastrophic disaster, is in the pipeline for 2020.

Another key visual and the second teaser for the new season have already been released.

The title, currently streamed worldwide exclusively on Netflix, is based on a manga series of the same name by Yumi Tamura, which boasts more than 6 million copies in print.

In the story, young adults are selected for Project 7SEEDS and are put into cryosleep. Split into several groups, they are left on their own to survive in the cutthroat circumstances of a desolate world.

The latest visual shows members of the Spring, Autumn and Winter teams walking toward the future. The new teaser features all the characters.

The first season will be aired on television in Japan from January.

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