Atsushi To Not Participate In Upcoming Exile Tribe Dome Tour

ATSUSHI to not participate in upcoming EXILE TRIBE dome tourEXILE's ATSUSHI will not be participating in EXILE TRIBE's dome tour 'EXILE TRIBE PERFECT YEAR LIVE TOUR: TOWER OF WISH 2014', which starts this fall.

ATSUSHI explained, "In order to make EXILE shine more than ever and to evolve EXILE TRIBE as a whole, I want to see EXILE and EXILE TRIBE objectively." He continued, "By viewing from a fans' point of view, which is different from the scenery seen on stage, I believe that I will be able to discover things I haven't seen or noticed as well as the potential of a new EXILE." He further added, "It may be selfish, but I am thinking about this in a very positive way."

While he will not be participating in this year's EXILE TRIBE tour, ATSUSHI will continue to be involved in EXILE's releases and TV and radio program appearances.