Autumn Foliage Shines At Night In Tokyo's Rikugien Gardens

Autumn foliage shines at night in Tokyo's Rikugien Gardens

Autumn foliage is now at its most brilliant in Rikugien Gardens in central Tokyo with huge crowds turning out, especially at night, as the leaves are illuminated after sunset.

Bathed in blue lights, which represent water, the colorful leaves illuminated against the dark sky create a dream-like world.

The traditional Japanese gardens, which are located in the Honkomagome district of Bunkyo Ward and date to 1702, are currently operated by the Tokyo metropolitan government. They are designated by the central government as one of the special beauty spots in Japan.

The illumination event will be held until Dec. 6. Visitors are allowed to enter the park between 9 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.