Autumn Paints The Prettiest Picture At Mount Tateyama

Autumn paints the prettiest picture at Mount Tateyama

TATEYAMA, Toyama Prefecture--Autumn's canvas is at its brilliant best at Mount Tateyama, a popular sightseeing paradise in the Hida mountains that are called Japan's "Northern Alps."

Mother Nature's palette in the Murodo area of the mountain, located 2,450 meters above sea level, is dominated by the yellows of plants like "iwaicho" and "hakusanbofu" and the reds of "chinguruma" and "waremoko."

The colors of the various plants became clearer in the middle of this month when the weather cooled, according to Toyama-based Tateyama Kurobe Kanko, operator of the famous Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. It also offers a number of different transport options, including bus, train and cable car, to get to the best locations to view the scenery in all its glory.

Murodo bus terminal is one such popular spot. Right now through early October is the peak time to view the autumn colors. After that, the captivating hues will roll down into lower areas of the 3,015-meter-high peak, including the Midagahara area, which is located 1,930 meters above sea level.