Ayaka's New Rock Song Chosen As Image Song For 'patlabor' Movie And Trailer

Ayaka's new rock song chosen as image song for 'Patlabor' movie and trailerAyaka's new song "Lose Control" has been picked up as the image song for the science fiction film 'THE NEXT GENERATION Patlabor Shuto Kessen' which will open in theaters on May 1st.

Directed and written by Oshii Mamoru, 'THE NEXT GENERATION Patlabor Shuto Kessen' is a feature length film that portrays a battle between the Section 2 team and a terrorist group that has taken 10 million residents of Tokyo hostage. It will star Kakei Toshio, Mano Erina, Fukushi Seiji, Ohta Rina, Shiba Shigeru, Mori Kanna, Yoshida Kotaro, and Takashima Reiko.

The image song "Lose Control" can be found on Ayaka's new album 'Rainbow Road' which will be released on April 15th. It's an upbeat rock tune that's different from Ayaka's usual songs. This is the second time Oshii and Ayaka have collaborated. Her song "Konya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete..." was used in his film 'The Sky Crawlers'.