B'z Provides Theme Song For Japanese Release Of "geostorm"

B'z Provides Theme Song For Japanese Release Of "Geostorm"B'z will be providing the theme song for the Japanese release of the Hollywood film "Geostorm".
The band's song "Dinosaur" will be used as the film's theme song. The song is also the title track of the band's new album being released on the November 29.

Dean Devlin, the director of "Geostorm", expressed excitement over working with B'z for the movie. He felt the band's guitar rifts and lyrics were the perfect fit for the disaster film, and hoped that their energy would attract young audiences.

This will be the first time that B'z will provide a theme song for a foreign film.

"Geostorm" tells the story of a world whose weather was controlled by satellites. It improved the state of the the planet until the satellites malfunction and start creating disasters instead.

The Japanese release of "Geostorm" will occur on January 19, 2018.