Bank Drama 'hanzawa Naoki' Tops 40% Ratings With Final Episode

Bank drama 'Hanzawa Naoki' tops 40% ratings with final episodeThe final episode of the TBS bank drama "Hanzawa Naoki" secured average ratings of 42.2 percent in the Kanto region, the second highest figure for a non-historical drama since 1980, it was learned from ratings analyst Video Research Ltd. on Sept. 24.

The show features bank employee Hanzawa Naoki, performed by Masato Sakai, as he faces on-the-job difficulties and an unreasonable boss while spouting his catchphrase, "Twofold revenge!"

The show's ratings steadily rose from the first episode, which had an average Kanto rating of 19.4 percent. The final episode's average Kanto rating marked the first breaking of the 40-percent mark since the final episode of the popular "Kaseifu no Mita" series in 2011. Since 1980, amongst non-historical dramas it is surpassed only by the 1983 program "Tsumiki Kuzushi, Oya to Ko no 200 Nichi Senso," which recorded an average of 45.3 percent.

The final episode's average rating for the Kansai region was even higher, at 45.5 percent. Ratings for the episode reached their peak at 46.7 percent for Kanto and 50.4 percent for Kansai, both at the point where the ending music began playing after Naoki was ordered to go on loan to another company.

According to TBS, it has received thousands of requests from viewers to make a sequel. The novels that the show was based on, by Naoki-prize-winning author Jun Ikeido, have both become major hits selling over a million copies. On the day of the show's final episode, Ikeido Tweeted, "I had wondered how the final episode would go, but Hanzawa's treatment was just like in the original ... It was entertaining!"

Meanwhile, products based off the drama, like sweets and keychains, are enjoying strong sales.