Bizarre Alien Balloons Make Home Inside Shrine In Kyoto

Bizarre alien balloons make home inside shrine in KyotoMysterious luminous spheres float inside a Kyoto shrine like visitors from another planet.
They change their color and make eerie sounds like bells echoing in a cave when visitors touch them; it's as if they are trying to communicate with the earthlings.

The spellbinding event, called the "Light Festival in Tadasu no Mori at the Word Heritage Site of Shimogamo Shrine, Kyoto," runs through Aug. 31.

After that, it could be guessed, the spheres will return to their home planet.

The solemn, traditional shrine has actually been turned into this otherworldly space by utilizing modern human technology.

The Shinto shrine is holding this inaugural event in collaboration with teamLab, an art collective comprising about 400 specialists that seek to get people and digital technology to interact.

After visitors pass through the tower gate, they are confronted by the luminous, oscillating spheres, which are about 1.5 meters in diameter, and float in a large open space.

In teamLab’s digital artwork “Resonating Trees--Forest of Tadasu at Shimogamo Shrine” the trees are awash with different colors as people pass by and activate them.

The site is open from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The digital installation “Resonating Trees--Forest of Tadasu at Shimogamo Shrine” from teamLab can be observed every day for free. The art piece "Resonating Spheres--Forest of Tadasu at Shimogamo Shrine" beyond the tower gate is open on weekends and admission is 500 yen ($5).

The English language website is at (