Budget Airline Rolls Out Eel - Flavored Catfish On Menu

Budget airline rolls out eel-flavored catfish on menuBudget airline Peach Aviation Ltd. is offering an upmarket meal option on flights through the end of August.
The carrier has put three pieces of thick grilled catfish seasoned with piquant “sansho” (Japanese pepper) on the menu, boasting that it tastes like savory eel.

The eel-flavored catfish developed by Kindai University is served with shredded egg crepes on rice and has a flavor that may remind one of something in between teriyaki eel and teriyaki yellowtail.

Because catfish are currently in short supply, the meal is priced at 1,350 yen ($12), the most expensive on Peach Aviation menu for this summer.

“Although we cannot say the meal is low priced--like our airfares--the delicious taste of the meal justifies the price,” a Peach Aviation official said.

Supply is limited to about 700 catfish meals. They will be available from June until the end of August.