Caring Of Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Ceramic Knives Kyocera Ceramic knives that are not properly maintained can become dull and ineffective tools for your kitchen. No chef wants cutlery that under-performs.

Following these three basic steps to care for your ceramic knives will ensure your tools longer, cut smoothly and remain effective tools in your kitchen.

Sharpening Your Kyocera Ceramic Knives

The most important aspect of any knife is how sharp it is. When sharpening your Kyocera knife, you must use a sharpener that uses diamond discs or else you risk damaging your knife.

A diamond disc cutter is available via Kyocera web store.

Kyocera also offers a sharpening service for knives that have become dull or have received large chips.

It’s important to keep your knife sharp as most knife-related accidents occur when dull knives are used.

Storing Your Kyocera Knife

Choosing the right storage for your knives is crucial for preserving your cutlery selection.

It is best to keep your knives in the box they are packaged in; they’re specially fitted for each knife and provide the best storage.

If you do not use the box, you may store your Kyocera knife in a knife block or a plastic sheath if they will be kept in a drawer.

Cleaning Your Knife

Having a clean knife to work with prevents the spread of bacteria in your food.

Using water and liquid dish detergent is adequate for cleaning purposes. Using a mild cleanser such as Bar Keeper’s Friend lifts discoloration normal washing would not remove.

Kyocera does not recommend using a dishwasher to wash their knives, as the violent motion could chip plates and the knives themselves. The knives’ fine wood handles will be ruined that would otherwise last a lifetime with proper care.

Exercising proper care for your knives is essential in order to keep them in tip-top shape and make them last. Put these few tips to work for you and your Kyocera Ceramic Knives will be sure to last you for years to come!

VIDEO How Kyocera Resharpens a Ceramic Knife