'cathedral's Bell' Lights Up The Sky Deck At Centrair Airport In Aichi

'Cathedral's Bell' lights up the sky deck at Centrair airport in Aichi

TOKONAME, Aichi Prefecture--Chubu Centrair International Airport will become a destination for lights as well as flights from the night of Oct. 27, when its winter illuminations are officially switched on.

The lights will brighten up the airport's sky deck, where passengers and plane fans can observe the runways.

The name of this year’s elaborate display is "Cathedral’s Bell," forming the shape of a great cathedral with a six-meter diameter dome in lights that change colors set to music, and 10 panels forming an arch.

Visitors can enter the "cathedral" and ring the bell in its center. Families and other visitors rang the bell immediately during a test run on Oct. 26.

"I want visitors to enjoy a feeling of happiness here and keep it as a memory," an airport official said.

The illuminations will be on display through March 31, 2018.