Chara, Ozaki Sekaikan, And More To Partipate In Yuki's New Album

Chara, Ozaki Sekaikan, and more to partipate in YUKI's new album

YUKI has revealed the jacket covers and track list for her new album "forme" to drop on February 6. 

Various artists including Ozaki Sekaikan (creephyp), Kawamoto Makoto, Chara, Tsuno Maisa (Akai Kouen), Nishidera Gota (NONA REEVES), Hosono Haruomi, and more participated in this album. An analog version of this album will also be released on March 13. 

Check out the jacket covers and track list below. 

[Regular Edition]

[Analog Edition]

[Track List]


01. Chime
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:HALIFANIE / Arrangement:YUKI、Momota Rui、Minamida Kengo]
02. Traumerei
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:CHI-MEY / Arrangement:YUKI、CHI-MEY]
03. Yatarato Synchronicity
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Ogata Makoto / Arrangement:YUKI、Okiyama Yuji]
04. Mahou wa Mada
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Yoshizawa Kayoko / Arrangement:YUKI、Okiyama Yuji]
05. Shinobikomitai
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Nishidera Gota / Arrangement:Nishidera Gota、YUKI]
06. Tadaima
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Horigome Yasuyuki / Arrangement:YUKI、Okiyama Yuji]
07. Koujitsu ni Shite
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Maeno Kenta / Composition:YUKI、Maeno Kenta]
08. Furaibou
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Tsuno Maisa / Arrangement:YUKI、Tomi Yo]
09. Tenkousei ni Naretara
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Kawamoto Makoto / Arrangement:YUKI、Kawamoto Makoto、STUTS]
10. Sunday Girl
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Hosono Haruomi / Arrangement:Hosono Haruomi]
11. Sarusuberi
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Ozaki Sekaikan / Arrangement:YUKI、Okiyama Yuji]
12. 24 hours     
[Lyrics:YUKI / Composition:Chara / Arrangement:Minagawa Makoto、Chara、YUKI]
13. Utsukushii wa