Comfortable, Light, Voluminous Items Enjoyable To Wear

Comfortable, light, voluminous items enjoyable to wearThis spring, loose-fitting coats for women are in. They are usually made with light materials and are comfortable to wear. Their voluminous design also feels good. Your smartly coordinated outfits can make them suitable for both work and private occasions.

The coat’s design is a derivative of the loose clothing in vogue in recent years, such as knitwear with dolman sleeves, loose-fitting pants and long skirts.

A wide selection of loose-fitting coats is on offer, said Yukari Sukegawa, a styling coordinator for the Odakyu Department Store outlet in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

For those considering buying one such coat, Sukegawa recommends items made with light, soft materials. “The bottoms flutter as you move, so you can enjoy their elegant, relaxed appearance,” she said.

Sukegawa’s recommendation for casual wear is a wide blue coat in a marine design. Its thin yet slightly stiff material is a blend of cotton, polyester and flax fiber. It has a hood that adds a sporty feel. She coordinated the coat with a yellow knit sweater and slim stretch denim pants.

“As the coat is voluminous, I suggest you leave it unbuttoned to emphasize its vertical lines,” Sukegawa said. She also suggests turning up its cuffs to show the lining to further accentuate your look. Your neck will look neat if you do not wear layers of clothing under the coat, she said.

For work purposes, Sukegawa recommends trench coats made with soft, draping materials. This style of coat, called “teronchi” in Japanese, has been popular since last year. It uses materials such as rayon and polyester and fluidly follows the contours of the person wearing it. The simple designs are suited for wearing casually over suits and one-piece dresses. Low-key colors such as beige, navy and gray as well as plain items are good for work.

Sukegawa gave several important pointers on choosing loose-fitting coats.

For one thing, she recommended drop-shoulder types in which the seam of the sleeve is lower than the top of the shoulder. She also said coats that fit the shoulders closely can give a too-tight impression to the entire outfit.

For short people, wearing loose-fitting coats can sometimes spoil their appearance as they look like they have been forced to wear oversize items. Clever coordination can solve this problem, Sukegawa said.

Sukegawa, who is short herself, demonstrated a good example by wearing a long coat in a fresh light green color. She also put on a knitwear top and slim pants, both white, underneath. She then looped a scarf around her neck to give a voluminous impression to the upper part of her body. Enhancing the vertical lines through effective color coordination can make your entire appearance neat and elegant, she said.

Large accessories

As wearing coats often results in covering almost the entire body somewhat monotonously, Sukegawa said wearing large metal accessories can improve this style.

Thick bangles or large pierced earrings in gold can increase the brilliance of outfits in spring, when wrists and necks are usually not covered.

“Wearing two bangles is trendy and sophisticated,” Sukegawa said. “I hope you will be more adventurous in your fashion.”