Cosplay Competition Attracts Entrants

Cosplay competition attracts entrantsDisplaying its growing popularity across Asia, a 14-year-old junior high school student from Thailand took home the championship in a vocaloid-themed costume play competition held Oct. 23 in Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture.

The young Thai girl, who went by the name Aim, danced in her handmade white costume at the Inter Media Station (IMS) hall in Fukuoka's Tenjin area, in the colorful event that drew about 1,500 spectators.

"The greatest appeal of costume play is that you become a totally different person from who you usually are when performing the play," Aim said. "Although this is my first visit to Japan, I already won the championship, making me so happy that I don't even want to go back home."

The contest was part of Asia Vocaloid Festa, organized by the asianbeat website. The website is operated by the Fukuoka prefectural government to disseminate Japanese and Asian pop culture from Fukuoka.

Vocaloid is a technology or software used to synthesize singing voices by inputting musical notes and lyrics into a software system. It also refers to virtual characters who sing songs created via the software.

The popular Japan-born Hatsune Miku character has attracted strong interest overseas, sources said.

Eight entries, comprising 14 costume players, participated in the vocaloid competition in Fukuoka, a port gateway to the rest of Asia.

Each participant qualified for the finals through a preliminary round in their respective country or region, Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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