Cosplayers From 30 Countries & Regions To Make Biggest Ever Wcs

Cosplayers from 30 countries & regions to make biggest ever WCSThe World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2016 is set to be the biggest ever, with representatives from India, Canada, Switzerland and Sweden all taking part for the first time.

The 14th installment of the event will feature cosplayers from 30 countries and regions vying for the World Cosplay Championship.

The WCS Executive Committee revealed the details of the world-famous cosplay event in mid-May. In addition to the championship, there will be multiple related events for enthusiasts to meet up at, mingle and celebrate cosplay culture together.

Taking place on July 30-Aug. 7 this year, the WCS was launched in 2003 in Aichi Prefecture.

With entrants from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North, Central and South Americas and Oceania joining the championship, the event will be expanded to cover two days on Aug. 6-7. Participants will be divided into two groups. The number of teams will be reduced from 30 to 16 before deciding the world champion of the year.

The championship will be held at the Aichi Arts Center’s Concert Hall. The second day of the competition will be streamed live at the Oasis 21 facility near the Arts Center.

The WCS also offers many events for general cosplay enthusiasts to flaunt their costumes modeled after their favorite anime and video game characters. The venues will include the Laguna Ten Bosch theme park on July 30-31 and the Meiji-mura outdoor museum in Inuyama on Aug. 2.

The main venue on Aug. 6-7 will be Oasis 21, where fans can enjoy their cosplay activities. The executive committee will add dressing rooms and a lounge to provide a more comfortable environment.

Other events include a world forum for entertainment content, an anime song karaoke contest, dance performances and a cosplay flea market.