Daoko To Hold First Exhibition + Mini Live

DAOKO to hold first exhibition + mini live

DAOKO and photographer Baba Shinkai's exhibition 'DAOKO × SHINKAI BABA Kizuki EXHIBITION: Enlightening my world' will open on February 9 at KATA in Tokyo. 

This is the first time DAOKO is opening an exhibition. On Baba, she commented, "Beloved photographer Baba Shinkai-san's photos are like pictures of light. He is able to capture everything including the smell of moments that you don't want to forget in your daily life as well as beautiful moments. I love Baba-san's photos. The more we talk about the things we usually think about, how we capture things, and how we feel the world, the more we find that we are alike.

DAOKO will also hold a mini live on February 10 at the same venue. MIZ and Tempalay's Ohara Ryoto (G, Vo) will appear as guests.