Details On Konishi Manami's First Album Revealed

Details on Konishi Manami's first album revealed

Details on Konishi Manami's first major album "Here We Go" (to be released on October 24) have been revealed. 

The album will feature eight new tracks including "Saigo no Hanabi", which was produced by KREVA. Its Limited Edition will come with four songs released during her indies era "I miss you," "This is love," "Tsumetaku Shinaide," and "No" as the bonus tracks. In addition, it will come with a DVD containing the PV and making footage for "Here We Go." 

[Regular Edition]

[Track List]


01. Here We Go
02. Saigo no Hanabi
03. Change My Mind
04. The Rainy Song
05. Shindou
06. Ai no Taion
07. The Way
08. Mata Koko de Aeru
<Bonus Tracks>
09. I miss you
10. This is love
11. Tsumetaku Shinaide
12. No


・Here We Go(Music Video)
・Here We Go(Making)