Dreams Come True's New Song Used As Theme Song For 'news Zero'

DREAMS COME TRUE's new song used as theme song for 'NEWS ZERO'DREAMS COME TRUE's new song "AGAIN" is being used as the new theme song for NTV's news program 'NEWS ZERO'.
The duo wrote this song especially for the program, and it's their first ballad number in a long while.
Regarding the song, Nakamura Masato commented, "2014 is packed with big sports events, such as the Sochi Olympics, Sochi Paralympics, and Soccer World Cup. Along with the various news, our hearts will pound to the brave figure of many athletes such as Asada Mao-san. We aimed to create a song that would be suitable to support these impressive images."

While the release date for this song is still undecided, Nakamura said, "If there is a need, we may be able to release it without having to wait for a NEW album." He will appear on the January 9th broadcast of 'NEWS ZERO' to talk more about the song.