Enka Singer Inoue Yumiko Performs New Song And Talks About Love

Enka singer Inoue Yumiko performs new song and talks about loveEnka singer Inoue Yumiko (36) began her concert at the Koga Masao Museum of Music in Yoyogi-Uehara, Tokyo with a passionate speech.

When asked the question “How is love for you presently?” in relation to her new song “Koi no Kawa” (River of Love), she admitted, “I do have someone.” “I am dating an older non-celebrity in a normal profession. We still have some ways to go before marriage. First of all, I want to become known as a singer one can enjoy [listening to.]”

In addition to performing her new song in front of approximately 200 people, she also sang 15 songs including the folk song Ringo Bushi.