Every Little Thing To Release A New Album With A 5 - Disc Best - Of Album

Every Little Thing to release a new album with a 5-disc best-of albumTo commemorate their 20th anniversary, Every Little Thing will release their new album "Tabitabi" together with a 5-disc best-of album "Tabitabi ? Every Best Single 2 ~MORE COMPLETE~" on September 9.

The new album is titled "Tabitabi" because Every Little Thing have continuously been on a "tabi" (journey), and they "tabitabi" (often) visit various places for their tour and "tabitabi" (often) release best-of albums. Mochica Kaori revealed, "Because this is our 20th anniversary, we have challenged new things. We believe it's an album that you will want to listen to many times."

The best-of album will include all 60 singles Every Little Thing has released since their debut. It will come in 4 different versions: 6 CD + 2 DVD + 2 Blu-ray, 6 CD + 2 DVD, 6 CD + 2 Blu-ray, and 6 CD. The DVD and Blu-rays will feature 47 previously release PVs and 1 brand new PV. The 2DVD + 2Blu-ray Edition will also come with a photo book. The new album "Tabitabi" will also be released individually.

Besides releasing the albums, Every Little Thing will commemorate their anniversary with a nationwide tour called "Every Little Thing 20th Anniversary Best Hit Tour 2015-2016 ~Tabitabi~".


Saturday, October 17 - Sun City Hall (Saitama)
Saturday, October 24 - Nanyoshi Bunka Kaikan (Yamagata)
Saturday, October 31 - Numazu Shimin Bunka Center (Shizuoka)
Sunday, November 1 - Shizuoka Shimin Bunka Kaikan (Shizuoka)
Sunday, November 8 - Kanazawa Kenmin Hall (Kanagawa)
Sunday, November 15 - Okayama Shimin Kakan (Okayama)
Sunday, November 22 - Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan (Fukuoka)
Saturday, November 28 - Narutoshi Bunka Kaikan (Tokushima)
Sunday, November 29 - Kochi Kenritsu Kenmin Bunka Hall (Kochi)
Saturday, December 5- Naha Shimin Kaikan (Okinawa)
Sunday, December 13 - Ueno Gakuen Hall (Hiroshima)
Sunday, December 20 - Waku Waku Holiday Hall (Hokkaido)
Sunday, January 17 - Shiga Kenritsu Geijutsu Gekijou (Shiga)
Friday, January 22 - Shinkawa Bunka Hall (Toyama)
Saturday, January 23 - Uedashi Kouryu Geijutsu Bunka Center (Nagano)
Saturday, February 6 - Kobe International House (Hyogo)
Thursday, February 11 - iichiko Gran Theater (Oita)
Saturday, February 13 - Miyakonojoushi Sougou Bunka Hall (Miyazaki)
Saturday, February 20 - Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi (Miyagi)
Sunday, February 21 - Aizu Huugadou (Fukushima)
Saturday, February 27 - Kumamoto Shimin Kaikan Sojo Daigaku Shimin Hall (Kumamoto)
Sunday, February 28 - Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall (Kagoshima)
Saturday, March 5 - NGK Spark Plug Civic Center (Nagoya)
Sunday, March 6 - Tokishi Bunka Plaza (Gifu)
Saturday, March 12 - Kitakamishi Bunka Kouryu Center (Iwate)
Sunday, March 13 - Odate Shimin Bunka Kaikan (Akita)
Sunday, March 20 - Tokyo International Forum (Tokyo)
Saturday, April 2 - Festival Hall (Osaka)