Ex - Smap Man Shingo Katori Unveils His Art For Cartier's Sake

Ex-SMAP man Shingo Katori unveils his art for Cartier's sake

Man of many talents Shingo Katori, formerly of male idol group SMAP, unveiled two artworks he produced for French luxury goods brand Cartier in Tokyo's Roppongi district.

Katori, 40, produced the artworks for the "Tank 100" limited-time gallery celebrating the opening of Cartier's new shop at the Roppongi Hills complex in the capital's Minato Ward on Oct. 28.

"For me, drawing is like a 'medical examination’ through which parts of myself I didn’t know existed emerge," Katori told The Asahi Shimbun. "That said, I’d like as many people as possible to see (my work) in the same way I have always wanted."

The artist said he was inspired by the history and design of the brand’s iconic watch, which has reached its 100th anniversary.

A large print of his colorful pop art-style painting titled "Need More Time" is on display on the front exterior of the Roppongi shop. It shows a smiling face whose features are presented using various watch components, including a crown for its hat and dots indicating minutes for its lips.

"Hyakunen no Fuuu." (a puff of 100 years), an art object inspired by a birthday cake topped with candles with flickering flame, is placed in the center of the in-store gallery.

"It was the first time for me to draw a draft before I worked on a painting and also to create an art object, but I had the best fun ever," Katori said with a smile.

The artist explained that he wanted spectators to breathe new life into the art object by puffing out a breath like when they blow out candles on a birthday cake. The painting also contains Katori’s recurring motifs of black rabbits and Tokyo Tower, which are drawn in small size.

The exhibition tracing the history of the Tank watch runs until Nov. 26.

Visit the brand’s official website at (http://www.cartier.jp/ja/pages/japan-events/cartier-roppongi-hills.html).