Exile Atsushi To Release A Best - Of Album On His 39th Birthday

EXILE ATSUSHI to release a best-of album on his 39th birthday

EXILE ATSUSHI will release a best-of album, titled "TRADITIONAL BEST," on April 30, which is his 39th birthday as well as the last day of the Heisei Period. 

With the theme "the heart of Japan," the album will include a total of 13 songs such as his cover of "Furusato," his cover of Misora Hibari's "Ai Sansan," and his collaboration songs with Hisaishi Joe and Tsujii Nobuyuki. The DVD will contain nine music videos for "Kono Michi," "Furusato," and others. 


・Kono Michi
・Aka Tonbo
・Kirameki no Uta
・Ai Sansan
・Zange / EXILE ATSUSHI & Hisaishi Joe
・Michi Shirube
・Amane / EXILE ATSUSHI & Hisaishi Joe
・Soredemo, Ikiteyuki / EXILE ATSUSHI & Tsujii Nobuyuki
・Kotoba ni Dekinai
・Sakura no Kisetsu
・Michi Shirube -Orchestra Ver.-


・Kono Michi(Music Video)
・Furusato(Music Video)
・Kirameki no Uta(Music Video)
・Ai Sansan(Music Video)
・Zange(Music Video) / EXILE ATSUSHI & Hisaishi Joe
・Michi Shirube(Music Video)
・Amane(Music Video) / EXILE ATSUSHI & Hisaishi Joe
・Soredemo, Ikiteyuki(Music Video) / EXILE ATSUSHI & Tsujii Nobuyuki
・Sakura no Kisetsu(Music Video)