Exile Atsushi To Release A New Song On Christmas Eve

EXILE ATSUSHI to release a new song on Christmas Eve

LDH Japan affiliated company LDH kitchen has opened their entertainment restaurant 'Live & Restaurant LDH kitchen THE TOKYO HANEDA' inside of Haneda Airport's Terminal 1. On December 19, a reception party was held where EXILE ATSUSHI made a surprise appearance. 

ATSUSHI performed four songs including the unreleased "With you ~Luv merry X'mas~." This is a cover of Saitama chorus group LUVandSOUL's song that was released 18 years ago. ATSUSHI will be releasing it digitally on December 24. 

The restaurant menu will consist of food items that are already popular at current LDH kitchen restaurants in addition to limited edition items. You will find 'HAPPiLA,' an original tequila by EXILE USA who is a certified tequila sommelier as well as coffee drinks produced by EXILE TETSUYA who is a certified coffee master.