Festive Chicken In Orange Sauce Spices Up The Holidays

Festive chicken in orange sauce spices up the holidaysChristmas is all about simple family meals and good cheer, so this tasty chicken dish from chef Kuniaki Arima might be the perfect way to celebrate the holiday.

With just a skillet, it is ready to impress in less than 30 minutes--perfect for an easy Christmas dinner.

Bone-in chicken thighs are seasoned with a generous amount of pepper, while fresh orange adds a twist and a burst of color to everyday poultry. "For a tangy dish, add some kick with pepper or chili," Arima suggests.

Dust the skin with flour and place the thighs in a heated skillet skin side down to cook the fat under the skin till it becomes golden-crisp. This requires a bit of patience--the key for juicy tender chicken.

Try not to move the meat too much after the liquids are added so the skin remains intact. Strain the sauce for an elegant look, or just add butter for a chunky rustic style. Rice vinegar or lemon juice may be used instead of wine vinegar.

Serves two.


200 grams chicken thigh

1/4 fresh orange

1/4 small size onion

1/2 clove garlic

100 grams canned tomato

150cc white wine

1 Tbsp wine vinegar (red or white)

1 tsp miso

1 tsp olive oil

1 scant tsp butter



Take the chicken out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature. Cut two thin slices from the orange and keep it aside for garnish. Use the rest for the sauce. Finely chop the onion, and crush garlic using the side of a knife.

Season chicken on both sides with salt and pepper (not included in recipe). Lightly dust skin side only with flour, shaking to remove excess.

Heat olive oil in a non-stick pan. Place thighs with the skin side down. Cook over moderate heat. When skin starts to brown, add garlic. Mop up excess fat. Make space in pan and saute onions.

Once the skin turns crispy-gold, add wine vinegar, white wine, tomato and miso paste, and squeeze in the orange juice. Adjust the heat to maintain a gentle simmer. When chicken is done, carefully turn over and continue to cook until liquid is reduced to half.

Plate the chicken. Strain sauce with a sieve, add butter and melt over heat. Drizzle sauce over meat and garnish with orange slices.

Estimated time: 25 minutes (5 minutes for preparation, 20 minutes to finish).

Nutritional information (per serving): kilocalories, 275; sodium content, 1.0 grams; fat content, 17.5 grams