Film Industry Group To Introduce New Video Streaming Service In Late 2015

Film industry group to introduce new video streaming service in late 2015Twenty-nine companies have banded together to form the Japan Contents Group, an organization that will introduce a new video streaming service later this year.
Made up of film companies, broadcasters and other players in the film industry, the JCG was formed as a private organization on May 29 with the goal of forming and supporting a video streaming service called “Bonobo.”

The Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan Inc. and Foreign Film Importers-Distributors Association of Japan are just two of the film industry organizations that have joined the JCG.

Toei Co. group chairman Yusuke Okada, who is also the head of MPPAJ, serves as JCG chairman. Hiroyasu Matsuoka, Toho-Towa Co. president and FFIDAJ chairman, and Walt Disney Co. (Japan) Ltd. General Manager Takayuki Tsukagoshi serve as vice chairmen.

In Japan, video streaming services gained a lot of ground after Nippon Television Network Corp. acquired the Hulu service in Japan in 2014. Netflix Inc., North America's largest streaming service company, is expected to hit Japan this fall, with other companies also making efforts to enhance their services.

At a May 29 news conference in Tokyo, Okada said the group hopes the new platform to be the first choice by users when they want to see movies.

According to Tsukagoshi, although Bonobo will make profits on a pay-per-view basis, the website will also work as a database to provide information on theaters and film-related packaged products.

PacketVideo Japan Corp., a subsidiary of Japan's largest mobile phone carrier, NTT Docomo Inc., will run Bonobo.

Participating companies can choose what films they want to provide for the streaming service and how much they want to charge.

Details of Bonobo have yet to be revealed, but the new service is certain to gain attention with how it will affect the video streaming industry.